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pastel gorey goop
any oc
will contain happy gore
but lots of blood
get em up AronRef by Veleos022  this is the style I will be using lol
get em up
if you have a MLP oc tell me
ill draw em fully colored

look at my gallery for examples.

(note me if you want one or comment on something)

*there is a possibility i may vent on your OC,
using pastel gore
 tell me if you dont want any guru
just a sketch of your OC
(full body)

Price lowered PERMENTALY!

things I can do,
and what ever else your OC is
Smut,Sin,NSFW,Anything Porn Related.
sexual outfits: I will make them wear something under or over.  
(Half Body)
half body


basically full body but half
and read my full body commission for what I can and cant do.
I didn't have any examples on hand
look at me gallery pease!


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States…
Moved to galaxie headache


Is Chris a bad character?
I tried to base them off myself.
They did not have abusive parents
They only had bad history
Chris suffers from a few things they were BORN with.
Not a good singer.

He was once put under a lot of pressure,
Caused a trigger (not a joke..) that just kinda set off anxiety and depression. But that was before, he's ok now.
Really the worst thing is separation anxiety.
They say that having a character with a sadish past is bad.
His personality is shy, but open to you when you get to know him. He's not perfect and has flaws.
But other than that pretty good (at least in my opinion.)
Chris is not related to anyone. His parents are just
Normal people that fell in love and had 2 kids
Chris and the other brother
Chris had a hallucination that made him think he was kidnapped and tortured.
But really,
It was something to do with him In a mental hospital, something weird ok?
Getting a refill or something for his medication.
Something snapped and,
Basically he had a moment were he
Felt he was in pain or something-
But it was really just the police trying to find out why he fainted (? Not my original idea..
I don't know we're I got that from..?)
You'll have to do your own research on Chris..
I just-
Don't know.
I feel like he's a Mary Sue or something.

Really the most important spots-
Are when he escaped out of the hospital, cause he thought he was kidnapped,
And ran into the woods and meets Dakota
I don't want to talk about Dakota.
Dakota is a old vampire who wanted to kill Chris.
That's why you shouldn't talk to strangers.
Dakota lured Chris in with fake friendship.
I link Aron with Chris,
I only do that
Because Emily is Kinda Chris
But Emily is The one black haired girl I used to draw. Emily is Aron's litter mate (sister)
No Aron and Chris are not related.
Aron just finally got sick of why he was having these constant headaches and bull-
And he kinda just-
Followed a scent that grabbed his attention.
Only to lead to a Strange house
He was gonna walk away,
Until he heard Chris's girly scream
Basically the whole mess happened-
Chris was scared to death of Aron at first.
At that time Aron's hair was black and down to his back.
Aron basically lost all care when he was cheated on
(Aron and Andy was the worst)
BLAH blah blah
Aron Adopts Chris as his "Best Friend" and "I need to take care and love this dew drop"
Chris took a long time to get used to Aron
At first Chris avoided any romantic Relationships
But eh.
Time speeds up in there Universe.
Aron and Chris start dating
Not much happens after.
This went off topic.
I was bored so I made this


My artist level:

What I do:

My goal:

Favorite artist:

My Device(s):


Do I take joy out of drawing: y  n (use [ ] )



Free to use
I didn't put much work
But tag me so I can see.
And fricken Anthony turned into an entire character wth.
I swear this is what depresses me.

And then the ship started with Aron and Anthony and I swear I'm dead.

Fricken Anthony wasn't even post to be a demon AHG
Anthony than turned into Andy,
And ten suddenly became a girl.
Like whet
But then I made Andy cheat on Aron,
And then blah blah Aron joined the army was with a lot of other blah blah
And now I shipped him with literally my oldest character.
God dammit.

Part 2 by Veleos022
And Anthony was a genderbend of me.
I don't know,
At least
It's dumb.Part 2 of part 1 by Veleos022
Here how my character were made...
Aron started as a gender swap for Smile..
Who's original idea was just a dark side of myself...
And in the first drawing I ever did of Aron..
Yep.Part 1 of how my characters were made. by Veleos022



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